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Stair Nosings Add Finished Look and Safety

Whether indoors or out stair nosings play multiple roles. When you look at a set of stairs, stair nosings typically are used to present a finished appearance to the stairs, but they are also used to add strength to the step as that area of the stairs takes the brunt of the use. Stair treads may seem like they would take the most abuse, but in reality it is the stair nose that most people hit going up or down the stairs.

In many commercial applications an aluminum stair nosing is used to prevent slips, especially when wet conditions tend to make step treads slippery. With the current extrusion methods used for that metal there are many available colors for an aluminum stair nosing and not only the traditional silver color. However, for those wanting a step nose that wraps around stair nose all the way to the step’s fascia, will likely go with a wood step nose to maintain the continuity with the wood steps.

To maintain the appearance of the steps, stair edging comes in a variety of materials and colors, as well as wood, to help maintain appearances while providing safety. However, since the stair nosings play a major role in safety, it is not advisable to leave a raised edge on the stair nosings.  When designing stairs it is important to maintain the height of the riser and the depth of the tread to a uniform size to reduce the potential of tripping. The stair edging should help maintain the depth of the tread while reducing the possibility of tripping over it when climbing the stairs.

If possible the stair nose should not extend more than one-inch past the stair treads so those using the stairs do not get their toe caught on the stair nosings as they lift their foot for the next step.  If you do choose to use a stair nose that wraps around the stair treads and reaches under the step to the fascia of the lower step, you might want to consider a nose of a different color to make it stand out so users can see the step and help remove the trip hazard.



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